Thursday, November 20, 2014


I have just returned from my 12th trip to Haiti teaching about 300 students in our school, The TLC Haiti Pastoral Training Institute, recently registered as a recognized school.  Duane Johnson, a retired pastor from the central California coast, joined me for teaching in Port au Prince and Les Cayes, where we taught the second half of a Basic Bible Doctrine class.  as usual, our host and liaison there, Gilbert Jules, had made all the necessary arrangements allowing us to concentrate on the teaching assignment we had.

This is an exciting time as we come to the end of our first session of course curriculum in may 2015, having taken almost six years to complete it. In May, 2015 we hope to graduate 250-300 pastors who have completed the 14 course curriculum we have put in place.  It is exciting to hear their testimonies how God is using them in their churches--churches of all sizes--to share the gospel.

Thanks for those who faithfull support us in prayer and for the financial gifts that allow this ministry to continue.  For more information, see our website at

Dale Barrett, Director

Thursday, April 24, 2014

May 11-16--Port au Prince and Les Cayes Seminars on "Basic Bible Doctrine", Part 1

Enlisting prayer today--in just 18 days--if things are as usually are in our classes--we will be teaching 400 plus pastors about Biblical theology--understanding what the Bible says about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit--as well as a class on Bibliology--where did our Bible come from?

These topics are foundational to good preaching and teaching.  Our Haitian pastors and church leaders often have not had the benefit of a Bible college or seminary education.  These classes given in lecture style through an interpreter are a starting point in discovering what the Bible teaches about these vital subjects.  

We also provide textbooks made available from the Bible Training Center for Pastors--in French. Many of you helped us do this and we were able to raise the nearly $5000 for 400 textbooks and the customs charge to send them to Haiti.  THANK YOU!

Matt Hulgan, who has taught before, and Eric Flores, a videographer, will join me on this trip.  Eric will be helping us prepare a video presentation for usage in churches interested in our ministry.

We need you prayers!  We thank God for the door of opportunity He has opened for us through Gilbert Jules, our liaison in Haiti.  I'm excited!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

They're back!

Our team returned forma  week in Haiti on Saturday evening.

It was a good week with about 400 participants in our first ever marriage seminar.  EMPOWER's material and personnel were a valuable part of the presentation.  Our own Doug Stevens and his wife, Nancy, led the team and contributed to the teaching/discussion format.

Thanks for your prayers for us...and for another opportunity to minister to and encourage church pastors and leaders and their spouses.

For more information about the seminar, visit our website at

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It all begins on Monday!

We have been praying for the marriage seminar that begins on February 24 in Port au Prince and is repeated in Les Cayes February 27.  Over 500 have signed will be exciting to see how many Haitian pastors and leaders actually are able to come with their wives, given the challenges they face in providing for their families.

Here are some people to pray for--Gilbert and Legette, David, Doug and Nancy,  Dennis and Kristina--the key personnel for the week.

1.  Pray that the logistics of appropriate space for small groups will work out.

2.  Pray that our translators will successfully communicate the principles being taught from the Word--there may be some cultural challenges but we are trusting the superintendency of the Holy Spirit to over-rule any potential misunderstanding.

3.  Pray for strengthened marriages and strengthened pastors-leaders to guide their congregations in helping marriages flourish and grow.

Thanking you for your prayers...

Dale Barrett, Director

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marriage Seminars in Haiti...pray now

On February 24-25 TLC, jointly with Empower, will hold a marriage seminar in Port au Prince, to be followed on February 27-28 in Les Cayes.  Over 500 pastors and wives are expected for this first-time event sponsored by TLC.

There are many logistical challenges we have faced in setting these seminars in places--finding small group leaders, translators, identifying enough space for break-out sessions, raising funds for materials, etc.--but God is providing and we are expecting a great teaching experience for our Haitian pastors and leaders and their spouses and an ongoing ministry to the families in their congregations.

Here are some specific ways you can support us...
1.  Pray for the ministry team as they prepare to teach larger groups than those they generally lead.  Pray that God will enable them to teach clearly and effectively cross-culturally.

2.  Pray for Pastor Gilbert as he helps regulate space for the participants and smaller groups.  He is the key person for making our arrangements and for coordinating the meetings.

3.  Pray for each pastor who comes--and for his wife as she leaves children behind--that there will be adequate resources for them to attend together.  The seminars are free but families have to find child care and transportation to the meetings.

Finally, pray for the financial needs of the seminar.  We currently have a $1500 projected shortfall.  We are confident God will provide.  If you'd like to help is, send your gift to TLC, 1717 North California, Suite 3B, Walnut Creek, Ca 94596.  Mark your gift--"marriage seminar".

Please pray now.  We believe God is in the details, as cumbersome as they seem.  To God be the glory!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Marriage Seminar February 24-28

TLC will be holding a marriage seminar for pastors, church leaders and their spouses in Port au Prince and Les Cayes on February 24-28.  EMPOWER will be joining us in this special presentation geared to encourage the building of strong marriages in the Haitian church.  PLEASE PRAY that God will use this in a special way as over 500 have signed up for these two classes.

We have additional funding needs for this week of $1500; if you would like to donate to this outreach, please mark gifts as "Haitian Marriage Seminar" and mail to 1717 N  California Blvd, Suite 3B, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

Friday, January 3, 2014

MOVING FORWARD with your support

Our end of the year response to fund-raising for our 2014 budget was encouraging; about half of what we need has been raised or pledged.  We are grateful to God for His faithfulness and to those of you who have joined with us.

If you are still praying about your involvement, or, if you have just forgotten to let us know, be sure to contact me asap at 254 Foxen Bluff Lane in Arroyo Grande, Ca 93420 and let us know how God is directing you enable our ministry pastor and leaders in Haiti.

Thanks for praying for our ministry team in February who will travel to Port au Prince and Les Cayes holding marriage seminars for our ministry personnel there.  Doug Stevens, from TLC, will be traveling with them.